• Mastering Boutique Strategy House Concept

    Value Gene Consulting Group is a committed team partnering up for your success with unique and tailor-made solutions developed by high-skilled consultants.
  • Working Globally with Leading Companies

    Value Gene Consulting Group works globally, mainly in North America and Europe partnering with leading companies across various industries.
  • Exceling Commercial Strategy and Value Generation

    Value Gene Consulting Group generates commercial value and long-lasting impact through commercial strategy design as well as execution.
  • Changing the Rules of Management Consulting

    Value Gene Consultants are professionally collaborated with end-to-end project ownership attitude to exceed expected performance and to ensure exceptionally successful project implementation.
  • Boosting Client Satisfaction for Ceaseless Development

    Value Gene Consulting Group generates more than 80% of the business through on-going projects with long standing client relationships.

Value Gene Consulting Group partners with its clients to solve their most challenging business
problems and capture long lasting impact…


We are boutique. We only focus on services we have expertise.


We are boutique. We only focus on industries we have expertise.

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