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Discover your organization's planning maturity level in minutes Click to Take Survey FLOW: Embark on Your Journey to No-Touch Planning


'No-Touch Planning’ addresses the inefficiencies of traditional planning approaches.

No-Touch Planning delivers solid business impacts.

FLOW enables you to assess your organization’s No-Touch Planning maturity and design your roadmap.

Define No-Touch Planning strategy that aligns with your organization’s supply chain priorities and addresses its pain points

Assess planning maturity level and identify improvement areas based on surveys and interviews

Prioritize improvement areas and design your No-Touch Planning implementation roadmap


With our comprehensive framework, we address all planning components.

Our detailed assessment survey measures your organization’s planning maturity.


Fast kick-off for your No-Touch Planning journey.

With FLOW, we can help you develop your roadmap in just 5 weeks and prepare you for your next steps.

We will send an online survey to the organization to assess organization’s current maturity level for No-Touch Planning and identify pain points

We will define the priority areas in the planning processes through interviews with C-level executives and function heads

We will measure the performance of each planning component using a tailored set of KPIs

We will prioritize improvement areas and design the roadmap for implementation of No-Touch Planning


Contact us to begin your No-Touch Planning journey.