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How Foodservice Distributors in the US Can React to Potential Disruption?

US foodservice distribution market is sizeable (~250-300B USD) and fragmented; recently evolving with changing preferences of foodservice operators and potential…

Value Gene March 21, 2023

Unlocking the Potential of Alternative Grains in the US: Opportunities for Growth

The alternative grains market in the US is expected to grow. Consumers following certain diets, preferring products with certain claims, and seeking plant-based…

Value Gene February 1, 2023

Consumer Goods Companies: How to Accelerate Your Data-Driven Transformation?

Many consumer goods companies are investing heavily to become more data-driven. It is not an easy journey, however, there are practical actions to accelerate it…

Value Gene October 25, 2022

Streamline Your Milling Operations by Transforming How You Plan

A digital S&OP and S&OE can bring much better long-term visibility, enables end-to-end dynamic business planning, and substantially increase the operational efficiency…

Value Gene September 30, 2022