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Our people is our most important asset.

We are committed to personal growth of all team members and provide them as many opportunities as possible for their learning. As a Value Gene team member, you will get international exposure, extensively work with clients in North America, Europe, and Middle East and closely collaborate with senior Value Gene team and client members.

In Value Gene;

  • We have a friendly work environment
  • We support each other’s growth
  • We do not have hierarchy; we cooperate in full transparency and respect to each other
  • We enjoy working and celebrating together.

What You'll Do

Business Analyst

As a business analyst, you will primarily take responsibilities on project modules with heavy quantitative and qualitative analyses. You will be expected to interact with client and project team members to gather information and present your findings.

At Value Gene, business analysts are closely coached by senior team members and provided trainings on core consulting skills. You will have significant opportunities to test and develop your capabilities and learn consulting approaches when solving real life business problems.


Consultants are part of quantitative analyses and problem structuring process.

As a consultant, you will be expected to take responsibility of a project module and participate into problem definition, solution formulation and conducting analyses. You are expected to present proposed solution alternatives to client members and your senior colleagues.

Consultants are closely coached by Project Managers, Principals and Partners.

Senior Consultant

Senior Consultants are expected to take full ownership of more complex project modules. You are expected to solve problems which require complicated models and analyses, develop recommendations and drive change together with client teams.

You will develop your problem structuring, team management and client relationship skills and competencies. As a Senior Consultant, you will continue to learn through on-the-job trainings and more advanced skills trainings.

Project Manager

Project Managers in Value Gene are responsible to deliver full project scope. The role is critical for client engagement, client satisfaction and successful project implementation.

As a project manager, you will be expected to own the project, manage client’s expectations and ensure success of the project. Project Managers need to focus on liaison with client’s management team. You will be expected to be recognized as a leader and a trusted advisor.


Principals have proven consulting skills and can manage multiple projects. As a principal, you will be expected to drive change by working with senior client teams, provide thought leadership and excellence in project delivery. You will also have active roles in internal decisions such as staffing, people development and recruitment.


Partners have proven skills to solve business problems and drive large scale change. They manage client relationships on top executive level. They lead client development and be a senior role model for the whole team. They are recognized as a thought leader and trusted advisor.

What We Expect From You

We welcome fresh graduates with Bachelor’s degree (MBA or master’s degree is a plus), experienced candidates in consulting or in another area. Depending on your education and experience level, we will offer you the most suitable role in Value Gene.

We expect all candidates to have;

  • Rigorous problem identification and structuring with creativity and analytical skills
  • Ability to identify viable solutions in a result-oriented manner
  • Resourcefulness in problem solving
  • Willingness to take responsibilities
  • Ability to work with different levels of colleagues and to motivate others
  • Willingness and flexibility to travel internationally
  • Commitment to the client and to the team
  • Effectiveness and clarity in communication
  • Fluency in English

Interview Process

All candidates should expect to have a total of 4-5 rounds of interviews, initially with team members and then with our senior leadership team. Each interview typically lasts about an hour. We try to get to know more about you, beyond what is on your CV. The interviews will also include a business case to understand how you approach problems. During the interviews, you will also find chance to learn more about Value Gene and ask your questions.

We accept applications throughout the year. If you share our values and would like to be a part of our team, please contact us from