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Find your PATH in the US food ingredient market PATH: Market Insights
for Food Ingredient


PATH is a market data and insights center for the US Food Ingredient Manufacturers.

PATH empowers US Food Ingredient Manufacturers for their strategic decisions on …


Food ingredients in scope

Content in scope

PATH offers full market landscape for food ingredient manufacturers including:

  • Market size
  • Market growth rate with key growth drivers
  • Key trends and insights
  • Your market positioning
  • Competitive landscape


PATH provides a comprehensive analysis of total sales potential and growth, offering a breakdown across various product formats and customer segments for food ingredient manufacturers in the US.

PATH offers highly accurate data due to Value Gene Consultants’ many years of experience in the B2B food ingredients industry, a proven sizing methodology, and a credible team of strategy consultants.

PATH provides regularly updated data quickly, creating a reliable source of information for your business decisions. It can also be customized to meet your specific business needs in a short period.

Our strategy consulting team is ready to engage directly with your team, provide PATH results, answer your questions, and explain PATH methodology and assumptions in detail.


Reach out to find your PATH in the US Food Ingredient Market.